Estrela Sul

Geological and Mining Heritage

With over a century of existence, the Couto Mineiro da Panasqueira, was and still is today, the scene of mining work and knowledge. Generations of men, women and even children worked here. The mining heritage of this territory is made up of various material remains, from old mining galleries until installations and industrial warehouses and still social equipments such as working neighbourhoods, canteens, schools, hospitals and cinemas.

Further away from Couto Mineiro, mining was still practised in Barco and Lavacolhos (Recheira and Argemela mines), Cortes de Meio (with approximately a dozen concessions) and Peso (only one concession).

Regarding the geological heritage, in the mountainous area, there is abundant evidence of glaciation, some of which are classified as geosites under the Serra da Estrela Geopark. The meanders of the Zêzere, particularly in the Silvares / Ourondo and Janeiro de Cima area, are very expressive from the landscape and scientific point of view.