The town of Paúl has a strong identity that comes from the traditional constructions, using pebbles connected by red clay which, even though they aren’t exclusive of this parish, there is in abundance.

The Paúl or Caia stream is fed by a complex of waterways coming mainly from the Estrela Mountain, ensuring an abundant flow and excellent quality. The stream is the first structural element of the town and the use of land from the parish, has wide alluvial beds with marshes, where different irrigated crops are grown, through levadas which, from weirs and dams, channel the water to the fields. In the past this resource was also largely used as a driving force for dozens of mills, namely mills and olive presses, some of which are still visible, others like a stump are just a toponym memory.

The good quality of water to the numerous weirs, wells, waterfalls and riverside woods, make the stream a fancied place for bathing, walks and for trout fishing, which is one of Paúl’s ex libris.